Flight Environment X - Support


FEX Support Forum and Lost Login Retrieval

For support using Flight Environment X, please use the Support Forum at Flight1 Software.

Flight1 Software has a dedicated and knowledgeable support team with Flight1 Certified Professionals who will be able to assist you with your support request. Also, many other users within our community can often provide rapid answers to many concerns. Our support forum also contains a 'Frequently Asked Questions' section which may be of benefit.

If you have forgotten your user information for Flight Environment X you can recover your credentials using the form below.

For Download Customers: Please enter your Flight1 Order Number in the box provided. Your Order Number is in the format: 1234567 and was emailed to you at the time of purchase, and also saved in the Flight One Software folder on your computer as a Proof_of_purchase.htm file.

For Boxed Customers: Enter the first part of the registration code BEFORE the dash. So, if you have AA12345-C123ABC as your code, you would only enter AA12345. Your registration code was included with your product packaging.

Also note your authentication credentials will be automatically emailed to the address you registered, if you do not have access to this email account or you chose not to register your email address with us then please contact support.

Flight1 Order Number: